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"The Enounter" | Music Video

Direction | Cinematography | Modeling | Animation | Rendering | Compositing

For this music video, I was tasked with creating something weird, fantastical, and unsettling. The music video was shot by myself in one day on a small greenscreen stage using the Ursa Mini Pro. A fun technique I used to make it seem as if the camera was flying around the main character was putting him on a 8$ lazy susan bearing from the hardware store attatched to some wood and spinning him. Cinema 4D was my main 3D software and all content was rendered on one laptop using Redshift. I used a combination of built in cinema 4d techniques, along with some X-particles and Turbulence FD work. Further cloth simulation was done in Marvelous designer. I manually rotomated the main subject for the second half of the piece to allow for interactions and distorions to him. All elements were brought into after effects for the final composite.



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