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"Battletested" | Series Bumper

Direction | Cinematography | Design | Modeling | Animation | Texturing | Rendering | Compositing

This video was created to show a fun version of the armor of God from the bible. I was given a vo, and asked to show the weapons from around the character, but the rest of the direction was my own. I filmed the main character on greenscreen, cut the piece, and did all the visual effects. All of the tracking was done with Cinema 4D. Environments were created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Arnold. I modeled and designed the energy weapons, which were also created in Cinema 4D but were rendered with the standard render. The wolf at the end of the piece was a modified stock model. All the fog and particles were part of the after effects composite. 


Cinema 4D | Standard Renderer | Arnold Renderer | After Effects

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