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"Christmas Story" | Creative Video

Direction | Design | Character Design | Motion | Modeling | Animation | Cloth sim | Rendering | Compositing

I was tasked with telling the Christmas story in a creative way. I love Christmas, and wanted a warm, somewhat traditional feel, and decided to go with a look remiscent of a layered lightbox. I designed, built, rigged, and animated custom characters in Cinema 4d. I used a combo of standard Cinema 4d cloth and Xparticles cloth for the fabric sim. Environments were a mix of my own photoshop drawn elements and custom built 3d models. In after effects I created 12 video layers, 1 for each layer of the lightbox. I composited and put together all of my elements in each layer, which was then exported for use in Cinema 4d. There I had matching layers and used my Ae exports as alpha masks, and backlit everything. Redshift was my choice of render, with the goal to capture the translucency and bounce of light that makes a lightbox so warm and special.

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